Monday, February 9, 2009

Who Must Give Black John Handouts Today

There are many nations in the world who are proud of being who they are. This pride is hinged on the solid wall of willingness to stand up and do a thorough soul searching. Luckily for us, there are many case studies that can assist us in seeing how these nations have fared, what challenges and what inroads have been observed. The history of this country is that of worrying people. AmaXhosa in the Frontiers fought tooth and nail, AmaZulu led by Bambatha also fought a fearful battle. On the north, Mantatis, Ngungunyana, Makhado, and Queen Modjadji also displayed a fighting spirit. All these fighters fought for what was a general good for their communities. The English and the Afrikaners also battled it out, and Afrikaners emerged victorious. Their plan was simple and detailed, making this country a home to all Afrikaners. Really what was wrong with that? They introduced laws that made a lot of them farmers, and bosses in the land. Afrikaners ensured that their children went to decent schools (in fact, this still happens). They ensured that there are decent houses roofing their people. They reserved jobs for their nation and ensured that they are protected from competition of any kind. Whether other people were happy with that or not, was neither here nor there. Afrikaners were in a nation building frenzy, tightening all screws, making this country hospitable to all Afrikaans speaking people. What was wrong with that? Obviously you can’t give too much to Paul without robbing John. The Black John is still empty handed and waiting for some handovers. The question is; who should give Black John handovers today? The Afrikaners even after Black John’s leaders took over the reins of power, continued to subsidize their children’s schools. They still spend a Rand in ensuring that a grass is cut, the computers are on, and the staff is paid. They literally sponsor their children’s education and ensure that teachers at those schools produce good quality education. All Afrikaner schools are among the best in any town or city where they are found. Black John feels that he has a right to send his children to the Afrikaners’ school. He knows that school fees are exorbitant, and it’s easier there to receive legal summons for a non payment of school fees. What we have learned is that the Afrikaner nation has proved in this country that if you take yourself seriously, there are many people who will want to emulate you and be willing to join you as their perpetual teacher. English speakers and those from the family of Black John who have dubbed themselves ‘English speakers’, continuously find reasons in taking the Afrikaner School Governing Bodies to the courts of law, claiming violation of the right of their children to learn in English. This is in spite of the fact that all nations have a right to self preservation and a right to fundraise, right to have their children instructed in their vernaculars. If Black John wants to be taken seriously, why is he still a receiver of all sorts of handouts, including academic handouts for his children even in the middle of the ‘freedom boat’? Will there be a time when Black John will assemble his brothers and sisters and explain the importance of fundraising for the education of their own children? Will there be a time when Black John will fight for a school in the township that will teach his children in Xhosa or Sotho? Will there be a time when white parents will fight dearly to have their children enrolled in schools in the township? Will there be a time when white people will be too eager to learn our African languages Let time tell (FN. Writing to himself)

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