Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tears in a Dark Room

(The seeker enters the room slowly, pushing the door gently. The room is small and dark. The air inside the room is dull and motionless. The only space is between the door and the bed.)

Hallow (trying hard to see through darkness)! Hallow!... Any body home (slowly getting into the house, leaving the door opened slightly for sunlight to enter)? Hallow (slow voice, soft and slightly frightened). Any body …

(As if arisen from deeper stupor) Come in!

(Filled with awe) Greetings my son, how are you?

(As if talking to himself, without any person present) This room is my sanctuary, is my companion. Inside the four grey walls of this room I saw the light, I touched the light, and I spoke in the language of the gods talking to the light.
The story of this room started at the time the door was closed. It is ME who closed the door. I ensured that the story continues with me inside this room.
Many many people came to this room but could not find space. Those who found space could not find love. Those who found both, they hated me. Those who found neither love nor space claimed that this room was empty.
How could this room be empty when I lived in it? How could it be empty when my life was stored inside it? … I cried mother…. I cried so bitterly, so sad and so loud. I CRIED! My voice was carried by the air inside this room and collided with the walls and the roof. I heard my echo a thousand times, and I counted it a thousand times. My voice grew stronger with time. After a long while I sat down to listen to my echo, I realized that crying made this room cold, thus I kept quiet. (Paused for a while)…
Otherwise mother, how are you?

(Slightly relieved but somber) My son, I come from a world with three suns and sixteen moons. A world where there is permanent darkness and sunlight. In my world when one sun sets, one rises. The third sun is from a distance, ever expanding and shrinking, intensifying both light and darkness.

The heat of the sun evaporates dreams and freezes them instantly.

This is my world, son. I escape and return to it within a blink of an eye. I hate it, yet all the people I love live in it and love it. What must I do son?

My world floats under my feet and I am submerged in it. I am very scared son, what must I do?
(She steps forward towards Truth) I am a Seeker, a traveler and a frightened woman.

I am looking for my daughter.

I never met her, never touched her, never saw her smile. She escaped immediately after I gave birth to her.

Those who saw her say she is beautiful. They say she is looking for love. And they say she is frightened like me.
I was told son to come to you as you know where she is. Please lead me to her, I want to say to her, I LOVE YOU, Love that does not die with time, love that does not speak evil, evergreen love that abides forever. Please son, help me say to her, I love you (she breaks into tears, and supports herself with an object found inside the room, an object whose description is not known).

Wish I had some love for someone to give
Wish I had oxygen for myself to breath
Or some hidden energy that I could dig
In order to make you feel big
So never to look down upon yourself as if you are weak

But son I am weak.
Take me to my daughter. Let me see her.

The day I locked the door of my room I saw no one’s daughter but my own eyes. Please mother help me. Leave! Leave and close the door behind you. Let the air in this room never be contaminated by tears of those whom this room never embraced. Let the air from outside never get into this room.

When you leave, let the world remember that I am dead and buried in my room.

Son I will leave. When I am gone, let those who cry at night hunt me down, kill me and chop me into many pieces. Let my flesh be given to my daughter. Let my daughter never starve again son..

When you leave never leave foot prints into the floor of this room, and please ensure your breath never remain in this room.
What I breathe in this room is my oxygen. There are no trees in this room to generate oxygen, I am a tree.

Please mother leave

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