Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dancing shadows - Dark Colours of light

I walked straight, I did not stop, I did not turn - I walked straight. In front of me I saw two shadows moving in opposite directions. Their movement was synchronized like a dance movement. Still I walked straight.

The ever drizzling rain intensified, became dark, heavy and cold. None of the raindrops touched the ground, they all froze in the mid air – still I walked straight.

The clouds above started to rumble, releasing cursing dark colours, as if they were responding to the snow fluffs that circled the small house in the world so far ago.

I continued to walk, I did not turn, I did not stop – I walked.

The air began to condense under the pressure of the falling rain. My legs became stiff; the vitreous fluid of my left eye ball froze. I continued to walk straight.

Shadows emerged again. Their dance movement was no longer synchronized. They rose and fell, and I could hear the bang – Boommmm! Booommmm!! Booommmm!!!

I decided to stop.

I heard the voice as it squeezed itself through the spaces created by moving shadows:

“Child, you have entered a super highway. Here souls are monitored. Each soul has a number, each number has a colour, and each colour has a specific wave length. Collision of souls is not forbidden, but it doesn’t occur.”

I blankly stared at an empty air. My semicircular canals and the cochlea wished to abandon me. Oh my body, how can you desert me at this hour? Oh my heart, how can you shut down when I need the heat you pump out with my blood?

I blankly stared, I did not blink I did not breath. The voice creaked painfully through the entrails of the bigger shadow,

“Thy flesh shall be used as a symbol of dedication; used by those who love me for communication. Flies shall suck from you juices of humiliation. You are mine. I own every part of you.
Hang in there child! The space between light and darkness shall be too hot for you, but frozen. Friction and the prayer shall be married, and you shall be in the centre. I advice you never to pray because the people who are supposed to answer your prayers are today counting rain raindrops. Indeed child you are mine”

Oh my legs, don’t let me down, take me to the space where the light shines, where the flowers grow and the birds hum. Please take me to a place when the grass grows and feed many.

I wondered: how could I hear my blood flowing from my blood vessels but not hear my heart? How could I hear the movement of the shadows but not my ventilating lungs? Oh my body, the body I got from my parents, don’t desert me.

From the world far ago the rain also fell, and it touched the ground. I could see gutters filling up with dead bodies of goats, sewage material and tears of crying babies. I asked the empty, what about me?

Shadows danced around me. The pulled every flesh from me, sucked me, licked me, touched me, laughed at me. Oh my flesh!

I blankly stared ...

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