Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hang the President

(Incomplete version)

(The hall is packed to capacity, with dignitaries occupying the left wing of the hall while journalists occuy the right

On this 23rd session of the people’s court Monde Mberane is to present his case as the first case of the day, followed by the case on murder of Steve Biko. Biko’s case is the one that attracted most journalists and dignitaries from far and wide, with names as diverse as those of people such as George Bizos and Helen Zille, the police informers and Biko’s friends such as Peter Jones, Biko’s former girl-friend, Mamphele Ramphele and Biko’s wife Nontsikelelo Biko including young and old men and women.)

People’s Guide:
(In a dignified and slow voice) The voice of the people is the voice of God. Embedded in this voice are words of wisdom as interpreted by the ever shining light of the sun.

I have learnt to respect the people because in them written is my doom’s day, which becomes closer when I flounder.

Allow me Cde (comrade) Ruler to vow in the name of those who came before me that:
I shall not lie in the house of the people
I shall not spill my saliva in the floor, in this house of the people, contaminate the sacred ground – thus insulting the gods and Qamata
I shall respect women in the name of the Ruler as all women are Ruler's objects
I shall hide my face in the presence of any disgrace
I shall honour and respect the name of Hintsa, the greatest grand father of the Ruler
I shall accept Qamata as the Creator before whom nothing existed, and after whom life ceases to be
I shall bury my child alive if that is an instruction from this house, an instruction from the Ruler and the people
I shall respect the Ruler and the Voice of the People
I shall never eat any animal cursed by this house
I shall forever live in this house of the people as I am forever
sheltered by this house

Cde Ruler, our names follow after yours. Our shadows dance under yours. Our voices shiver under yours. You came before us all and shall continue to live after we would have long died.

The trees bow down and honour you, so who am I, a shadow in a pitch dark room?

I exist because you so wish. Who am I, a grain of sand in an endless desert?

You breathed life in me. You gave me colour, shape, size and form.

Allow me to declare, cde Ruler, that you are my Creator, my guide and my source of strength (the house breaks into a song – Besingobani na thina milwelwe yesizwe. Thina siphila ngoku bona uRuler. Mna ndiyi tempile ka Ruler. Cde Ruler ndivulele ndingene)

(The people’s Guide goes to the book in front of the Ruler, reads the first case of the day slowly for all to hear) Case number 53 is the case brought to this House by Mr. Monde Mberane, a circumcised man from the Dlamini clan. His father is unknown, his mother is also unknown. Notwithstanding this, Ruler accepted that his case be heard.

This case is expected to take less than 20 minutes as the case of Steve Biko is the case of the day.

(Focusing his attention to the Ruler) Qamata is the Creator, Satan does not exist, the Ruler is our Father. The Ruler and Qamata are one. The Ruler was the first to be Created, and later watched creation being brought to life. The Voice of the people is the voice of God, but the Voice of the Ruler is God. In the Voice of the Creator oozes love, oozes life, oozes joy.

What would I ever be without the comfort of the wings of the Creator, the Ruler?

(He sings a song, and the house responds in unison)
The Ruler is the Father of God
Without the Ruler there is no God
God and the Ruler are equals but the Ruler is second to none
None does not exits, but the Ruler rules over none

(The Ruler stands up, and silence engulfs the house. After clearing his throat, the Ruler speaks as if is the priest ministering in a church service)
Cde Ruler:
Let he who has a story to tell come forward.
Let the light shines upon he as it shines in the centre of this house;
And let all mortals realize that the light is mine and is forever
For this, let all others respect the Creator of light (whistle, ululations and blowing of horns erupt)
Let the world remember that the house of the people has no winners and losers (the house burst into another ululation and clapping of hands)
The house of the people shall be a place where all tell their stories, long or short. A story shall be listened to and an attempt in satisfying all sides in a story shall be made.

(A song erupts, and the Ruler sits down)Cde Ruler ilanga liyatshon’ ekhaya
Cde Ruler ndikhaph’ekhaya (Chorus)

People’s Guide:
Cde Ruler, my father, my God, my Ruler, this house is here to listen to the story of Monde Mberane. As a servant, allow me cde Ruler to call Monde to humble himself before this house. I hope as I pray that he shall not block any ears of the gods; shall twist no entrails as he tells his story; shall disturb not running water in its course, and shall respect the house.

The people gathered in this house represent the universe. Their voice collectively is larger than the voice that created the universe, because that voice was created by the universe.
Cde Ruler, I promise as I pray that Monde Mberane shall respect the horns of the Kudu that protects this house. Beyond all this, the voice of the Ruler and the Ruler are one. The voice of the Rule is the voice of the people. (He sits down)

Monde Mberane:
(humbly walking to the podium, facing the Ruler, next to whom sit the People’s Guide) I have come a very long way. I walked from the middle of my village to the edge in search of truth and hope for myself, my unborn child and my people.

I learnt many things, amongst which is the reality that one man can be so small in a universe.

My journey took me outside the edge of my small village to the open sphere where individuals are able to interact at free will, but collide, based on chance. My search took me to this house of the people. I came here to ask for truth, and hope. (Music erupts in a form of a slow chorus – Cde Ruler is our Hope and our Truth. Cde Ruler breeds Hope and Truth.Cde Ruler Give Us Hope and Truth. Hope and Truth for Cde Ruler).

When we built this house of the people our names were engraved in it and we were certain that the house will belong to each and everyone of us.
We put the Ruler to serve us all so that we are able to have a personality that is all of us, personality of which we can humble ourselves before, respect and honour at all times.

We put the People’s Guide so to be our conscience regulator at all times. This we did with full knowledge of what we wanted to achieve.

My people; children of my land, today I have a series of questions…
(full version withheld)

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