Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Placenta

What would I have been without my placenta? How would I have been without my placenta?

My placenta is better than any other placenta because it held me tight, protected me and nourished me. I bathed inside my placenta and swam in it. I opened my eyes for the first time in my placenta and had my first swallow inside this placenta, never to mention my first defecation.

My placenta is far better than other placentas because it was my mother’s flesh. After me no one used my placenta, no one could use my placenta because it was mine.

My mother bled when the placenta was detached from her – her body contracted, releasing it.

My age and that of my placenta are one, but my placenta is older than me, while I lived longer than it. My history and my placenta are connected, even though my history is separate from that of my placenta – and that my placenta has no history.

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